Sunday, June 17, 2007

Also for Father's Day

A few days ago, one of the lengthiest, densest comments ever received at this blog was posted in re my post earlier this year on my not getting the Prodigal Son parable. The post is now so old that I doubt anybody will read it if I don't attract attention to it. But it also makes for good Father's Day reading.

It's by a "non-Catholic follower of Jesus" (is there such a thing????) named Rick. It goes into some personal history on his part, but RTWT. This is the overall point.
So, the approach to Father's Day from the parable is to point out that the characteristic of the father's love toward his son is to be seen, in representative form, in our love for our children. So, the point is not so much to "honor" Father's as it is to challenge them to see what Fatherhood means from God's perspective.
Also, I want people to experience the depth of God the Father's unconditional, extravagant, even scandalous love for them.

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