Monday, October 31, 2011

The Kardashian Marriage

I know we shouldn't crow, but let's just say I'm very glad the Kim Kardashian / Kris Humphries marriage ended without issue. A marriage entered into so quickly and under such circumstances as negotiating TV and publicity rights to ... probably wasn't a marriage in the fullest sense, and the divorce merely makes formal what was already so.

But what it does not do -- as Mr. Sulu said in this tweet -- is prove one major claim of the gay "marriage" apologists. That, basically, gay "marriage" can't hurt the institution any more than THIS kinda farce does. Or as Takei put it.

Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days. Another example of how same-sex marriage is destroying the sanctity of the very institution.

I take his point -- quick marriage and easy divorce DOES vindicate gay-marriage folks to this extent: Many (or is it "most"?) breeders HAVE utterly forgotten what marriage is. But he's actually more right than he realizes. Farces like the Kardashian marriage ARE, if not the result of gay "marriage" in the directly causal sense, the result of a society where gay "marriage" is even a question. Which is why so many non-gays support gay "marriage" (including, I am morally certain, Kim Kardashian). They can barely even remember why it is an impossible thing.

As I never tire of saying, gays are only 3% of the population. They (we?) can't screw up society without LOTS of help from others. Principally, a heterosexual society that perceives marriage, not as the permanent life-giving union unto death, but as the temporary alliance of autonomous selves seeking to have some fun or advance their interests for as long as the fun lasts or the interests get advanced. And heck ... two men CAN do those things as well as a man and a woman.