Thursday, May 10, 2007

This week

Friends, Romanists, Open-Book-readers (thanks, Amy).

First, I appreciate everybody who e-mailed me and assured they'd meet my prayer request from Tuesday. Though one such man is now in much more urgent need than I.

I have had a couple of people express private concern to me, since I mention "crossing a line" in the request and the two posts since have both been about spiritual strength in dying people.¹ It isn't important exactly what I meant by "crossing a line," but nobody should fear anything like that about me. I have no health problems, no reason to think my death is imminent. Nor have I done anything that has those consequences down the road.²

¹ I also have made allusion here to my past episodes of sexual risk-taking and an HIV scare; people whom I know also have more knowledge of details, putting the worst closer to the front of their heads.
² See Note 1.

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