Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Niech żyje Polska!

First Pope John Paul II, now this.
Poland's education minister on Wednesday called for a ban on the "propagation of homosexuality" in the country's schools, a plan that he argues would protect traditional family values.
Amendments to the education law would require school directors to scrap or ban any activities that promote "homosexuality, pornography or other phenomena violating moral norms," said Education Minister Roman Giertych. ...
However, the minister — who leads the ultraconservative League of Polish Families, a junior partner in Poland's governing coalition — insisted Wednesday that his proposals "do not discriminate against anyone."
"It is only to protect youth from the propagation of views that threaten marriage, threaten family, and threaten the duties of school, which are to prepare one to fulfill family duties and the duties of a citizen," he said.
The proposal is vague on what exactly would constitute propagating homosexuality.
Giertych defined it as "every action that is dependent on the public presentation of a certain belief with the intention of convincing others to that viewpoint."

Maybe "promotion of homosexuality" means stuff like this and this and this.

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