Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hello to newcomers, and prayer request

I missed this late last week, but I'm still getting more visitors, from my first McGreevey post below, which was linked at the discussion of the press coverage at Get Religion. Welcome all, and thanks, Mollie, from a longtime reader of your site (and Tmatt's and the former Master Jeremy's, who stole my book title idea).

If you look around, there's a second post now, which I swear I had begun and half-finished before I saw her link, but which had the same art idea. How can you not love a New York Post cover?

UPDATE: More linkage! Thanks to Travis of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of TJICistan, buried in the current Soviet Socialist Republic of Massachusetts, for linking to my second post on McGreevey, with high praise.


I'd like to make a personal request to all who know me or know my persona or intrigued strangers or whoever else. I've had a difficult few days, which I won't much go into for the sake of avoiding exhibition or voyeurism, and for the sake of my mood. Suffice to say three things: (1) I crossed a line regarding the topic of this blog that I never thought I would, and I was frankly quite shaken; (2) in confession, I was told by a priest who didn't even know me that "you have to make some radical lifestyle changes" (he was hearing my confession at "Last Mass in the Diocese" for maybe the second or third time, none face-to-face). To hear such a de-facto order from a stranger was equally unnerving; and (3) I'm feeling and fearing God's tug in other ways that lead into unfamiliar territory. I need all the help I can get.


J said...

You certainly have my prayers. I'm a frequent visitor to your blog, and I admit I worry about you a bit when you haven't posted for a while.

Loyolalaw98 said...


I am constantly amazed by individuals like yourself who have the courage (hence your nom d'plume) to share your faith "struggle" with the outside world, especially via a venue like the Internet that is so readily accessible to all.

As I read your post, and felt the immense hurdle you face in you words, I was struck by a recollection that may prove helpful.

While recently on retreat at a Benedictine monastery, actually re-examing a vocation at my middle age, I had an opportunity to meet with the abbey's vocation director. This conversation was a bit quixotic for me, as the priest in question has to be at least ten years my junior. I had to constantly remind myself that HE was the priest and I the layman, irregardless of our ages.

As I went thru a litany of things that I have tried to do to create a better spirit of "calm" in my life, my list was predominated by things I had given up, e.g., cable, etc..

The young Benedictine said something very interesting to me. He said that the best way to lead a holy life was not neccessarily to "give up" things that were not in and of themselves bad. (Cable doesn't have to be bad, millions watch tv sparingly.) He said the best way to avoid evil was to do good. To fill one's time with so much good that the evil didn't fit.

What he said really struck me. His admonition, which specifically then went to a suggestion to get active in some charity, was a Godsend.

While I'm not trying to minimize the challenge(s) you face, and while I freely admit the my challenges are of a much more benign nature, have you thought of how much time you spend doing good? Perhaps your best defense is a good offense?

My prayers are with you.


Joe said...

I have been where you are, in fact, I AM where you are. The past month has been 'hellatious'. I will keep you in my prayers.

Nicole Genevieve said...

like j, i worry about you when you're quiet for a while. you're in my prayers tonight and at Mass tomorrow.