Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lest I be unclear ...

... I really have no personal dog in the fight over ordaining men with SSA. One can never say "never" in matters of God's calling of course, but otherwise, and quite apart from homosexuality issues, I am as convinced as one can be that I am not called to the priesthood. I am approaching middle-age for one thing, and I simply don't have the temperament or personality of a priest. Or to be more precise, my temperament and personality are almost the perfect opposite of all the good priests I have known, my current confessor included.


justin said...

Have courage, man! Many believe that the best priests are those that become one later in life, as they are then able to draw from more common experiences with their flock. Many people trust these priests more, naturally they feel they can relate more closely with them. Secondly, what exactly is the "temperament or personality" of a priest? I would daresay that this is merely the presence of Christ. If you think you aren't a "good" enough person, then maybe there is some work to be done, but if you simply think your "personality profile" is a certain arbitrary type that happens to be incompatible with the priesthood, I think many people would beg to differ.

Just some thoughts... :)

thomas said...

You do have a dog in the fight in that we are all called to charity and to fight injustice wherever possible, even in the church.

Since we don't know what the actual document will say (or, like the rather large number which came from the 2nd vatican council, be almost completely ignored), I have misgivings about commenting on a pre-release rumor.

But if those trying to clean up a mess are using gasoline near sparks, they ought to be warned at a minimum.

For my part, I cannot understand why they are bothering about SSA per se. The seminaries were producing priests that are pro-contraception and don't believe in the real presence. Are they even going to bother to ask or see what the recently ordained priests are actually teaching and preaching? And what the seminarians are learning or believe?