Tuesday, September 27, 2005

But maybe it's not so bad

I went to confession earlier today, and though I mentioned it briefly as the proximate cause for a bout of despair and depression, and Father called it then "the document that nobody has seen and may not even be finished." But he made a point of discussing it after, despite my stated preference to the contrary, as a way of underlining for me that these last few days have really not been good for my soul. He reminded me, "you can't do anything about it." He said some reassuring words that this will not change or kill Courage or alter teaching in any way. And I'm not going anywhere, I told him. "So what's the point?" he gestured.

I promised Father that I would stay away from discussions of The Document. (The post below was in the draft folder already more than half-written and, I decided, was not really about The Document but the reaction from the Catholic Right, something I actually do have first-hand knowledge of and power over). And I had seen some sensible words from Eve Tushnet earlier in the day.

All this by way of saying, I'm imposing a silence on myself on these damn reports, at a minimum until The Document is officially released. And maybe even after that -- after all, it won't affect me and I'm bound not to dissent.

UPDATE: Apparently, Padre told David Morrison something similar.

UPDATE 2: I think Father Martin Fox covers all the needed ground without my hefty helping of Angst.


john said...

dude...please don't let the blackout on comments regarding the ghost document keep you from writing about other issues....i was actually enjoying reading your blog!


CourageMan said...

I won't.