Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lord, forgive me

I've even managed to ADD a timesuck during Lent -- now Twittering under this persona (been doing it in my own name for a while). Dunno how to set up an RSS feed that Blogger will accept, but for now, just click on the link to the right.  It wasn't an RSS feed I'd seen on other sites ... just a Blogspot widget that I've now added, at the right.

UPDATE: Awesome ... got two followers within an hour, the first historic step coming from Don Schloeder ("just this guy, you know" ... wait wasn't that already taken??), and the second being apologist-extraordinaire Patrick Madrid.


DP said...

Uhhhh...speaking as someone who finally broke down and got a cell phone in the last two years and just got a digital camera this year:

What is the deal with Twitter? Like the aforementioned phone and camera, I've heard of the concept, but am unclear on it. The idea of another time drain is disturbing, yet interesting...

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

He took my name?