Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Friend sent me this

Good in discouraging times.

From "The Prophet" by David Torkington, pp. 165-66
"Peter, I've failed so often since we last met," I blurted out, "but I'm going to start again with your help."

"Well," said Peter, with a reassuring smile. "If you say you've failed so many times it must mean that you have continually started trying again, and in the Trying is the Dying; the dying to the 'Old Man,' the egoist within you, so that the 'New Man' can be born. You can do no more than try, inside or outside of prayer. Every moment is a moment for Trying, for Dying, and for Rising till Christ be perfectly formed within you. Simone Weil once said a person is no more than the quality of their endeavor. This is how God will judge us all. Not by what we have achieved; not by some man-made measure of success, but how best we have tried."

"When the final trumpet sounds, God won't say, 'What interior mansion were you in or what rung of the ladder of perfection were you on,' but 'How best did you try?' Believe me, the whole of the spiritual life, the very essence of mystical prayer is about Dying through Trying. It is not the cowards, it is the saints who die a thousand times before their death, and it is in this Dying, through this Trying that they reach the height of the spiritual life: total identity, complete at-one-ment with the Christ of Easter Day."


Tom S. said...

I've missed your posts, and this was a good one. Blessed Advent.

Anonymous said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Courageman. Been peeking in now and then, hoping everything's good.
Thank you for the excellent post, thoughts that we all know, surely, but can never hear enough.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posting so full of ENCOURAGEMENT.