Friday, August 10, 2007

More about the conference

Smile ... you're on Closed Cafeteria. (That should be a line in my opinion.) Thanks for linking, Gerald, and sending my hit count through the roof.

Thanks to everyone else who linked to my post on the Chicago Courage Conference -- the British Catholic Mom of 10 (watch your Americanised spelling there, Mum); Tony at Catholic Pillow Fight; Terry Nelson at Abbey-Roads2; and TJIC and Father Tim Finigan really liked Father Groeschel's comment on the recent atheist books.

Also, Terry posted correspondence he got from Jeron (a frequent commenter here too) about his recollections of the conference. Jeron's memories and Terry's comments are way way WAY more spiritual than mine. There is a reason some people discern monasteries while others play Clown Prince.

Also, the ex-Protestant hypersectarian and reader CW ("who-can-quote-the-croaking-chorus-from-The-Frogs-of-Aristophanes") has apparently decided to start blogging about certain topics (presumably including Topic H) anonymously. Oh ... what hath CM wrought.


CW said...

Thanks for linking to me, CourageMan. Yes, topic H will be frequently mentioned because I am obsessed with it! I was just learning what to think about my homosexual inclinations from an Evangelical perspective (you have to be straight; everybody can be straight; if you work hard enough you will become straight; anything homo- is icky) when I joined the Church and had to re-think things from a Catholic perspective (be chaste; not everybody can become hetero-, but everyone can be chaste). I'm still figuring out what the implications of the Church's view are. The Courage conference helped advance my understanding. I'm looking forward to the next one. God be with you.

P.S. I'm trying to figure out how to get an e-mail connected to my blog.

Terry Nelson said...

And thank you for linking to me!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Never mind American! i know Joanna Bogle hates me saying 'mom' but here in Birmingham that's what we say..a dialect thing..maybe? lol
Thanks for adding my link..