Thursday, March 01, 2007

Welcome ...

... to the dozens of readers drawn here from Father Erik's Richtsteig's blog, Orthometer. He linked to my post on the Utah gay Masses, saying I "said it better than [he] ever could."

[CM gulps ... on hearing that from a priest]

One of the commenters there said "I have it on good authority that the next LGBT Mass in Park City, scheduled for mid-March will be the last." I must say that I have mixed feelings about this, if true. It's obviously better that the Mass (and "gay ministry") be done not at all than that it be done badly. But best of all would be that it be done right. I pray that if Bishop Wester of Salt Lake is indeed (ugh) "cracking down," or any bishop does so in any other case, that he realize that some type of ministry to homosexual persons, which need not exclude Masses, is still essential.

Well ... enough of me telling the Salt Lake Diocese how to run its business. I of course reciprocated by adding Father Richtsteig to my blogroll. Initially my entire blogroll was other religiously orthodox sites/blogs dealing all or in part with homosexuality. But recently, I set up the category "Other Catholic Links" to reciprocate those sites that link back to me. I had been hesitant to do that earlier, because it might imply, as I joked to one of those site-owners (Dale Price, the father of three born-children) that he is one of "us."


Dad29 said...

THanks for your link--I am complimented.

By the way, you are the FIRST person in over three years to have figured out the pun in my blog-title.

A quibble: 'not one of us'? I think we're both children of Adam and of God.

Same ^%$#, different attractions.

and also with you said...

You're more than welcome to list my blog in the "SSA" category. Even though I have never wanted to make my site an "ex-gay blog," I don't hide my issues, it's just not the main purpose of my blog. Then again, I have no idea what the purpose of my blog is anyway.