Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Now hear this

I'm not under any illusions that this is a high-traffic site. Nevertheless, I wish to make one thing absolutely clear.

I will not tolerate, not should I have to, name-calling against me. I state my own opinions, often quite pungently, but I simply have no tolerance or time for people (and they seem to be commoner than random among pro-gay Internet posters) who think calling someone a "bigot" or the like, or playing psychiatrist to a stranger on the Internet, is a substitute for argument. Feel free to disagree with me (really). But the punches will stay above the belt. Capice?

It should go without saying that anyone who thinks I myself violate this standard is free to call me on it. And the practice of constantly having to confess to one's own faults and sins gives one thick skin on such matters.

UPDATE: And because one particular person will not take the hint, repeatedly posting comments after I have deleted and told him he is not wanted, I have been forced to introduce comment moderation. I don't ask for much, but I will get it.

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